The first of the Yulia Vysotskaya Culinary Studios was opened in 2011, and this has since expanded to four. They boast comfortable and creative spaces and fully equipped high-tech rooms where guests can enjoy learning about the art of cooking various dishes under the careful guidance of experienced chefs.

The studios offer a wide variety of master classes with something for everyone, be it Italian, Georgian or American cuisine. The family studio format means that both adults and children can learn the secrets of cooking; with special programs for the latter, including various festive events such as New Year culinary quests.

Experts from the Yulia Vysotskaya Culinary Studios recommend the original recipe for Setra cod liver soup

Gazpacho – a traditional Spanish cold soup. 

There are many variations to this classic recipe. The chefs of the Yulia Vysotskaya Culinary Studios believe that Setra cod liver is a great choice for Gazpacho. 

r maybe you have your own ideas on how to make Gazpacho even more delicious? Share your favorite recipe with the Setra team.