Nutritious salad with Setra turkey stew
cooking time
difficulty level
1 can of Setra turkey stew;
half a head of iceberg lettuce;
2 tomatoes;
1 tbsp of olive oil;
Setra sea salt;
ground black pepper and herbs of Provence herbs to taste.
turkey canned stew fine iodazed sea salt
The recipe is provided by: врач-диетолог Анна Мелехина
Nutritious salad with Setra turkey stew
  • 1 Prepare the vegetables: wash. 
  • 2 Dry lettuce iceberg and tear with your hands. Break the turkey fillet (without the liquid part) with a fork.
  • 3 Add coarsely chopped tomatoes, turkey fillet to the iceberg salad, salt and spices to taste.