Taste something real!®

There are not so many moments in life when we feel that this is really it, that we must stop for a moment and savor the here and now! When time stops, and your mind grabs hold of the present and DOESN’T LET IT GO. When with every cell of our body we feel the joy of being IN THE HERE AND NOW.

…We have all experienced how delicious fresh food can magically draw us into the present moment. For example. Fish just caught in the sea, grilled on an open flame. Golden brown grilled young zucchini wheels. A freshly made sauce of lemon juice, ground pepper, salt and parsley. Simple, but so delicious!

…You will eat a hundred lunches and digest a thousand dinners, but you will never forget this delectable fish and this sauce. Your mind will hold on to the taste and smell of the dish and remember it as if happened RIGHT NOW. This is how we humans are made.

The food we create under the SETRA brand is prepared from fresh, specially-selected, environmentally sustainable ingredients, including salt, meat and fish, all produced and caught in the most beautiful and ‘delicious’ regions of our planet. When you open a can of SETRA fish pâté or season a salad with SETRA salt, you feel the difference immediately. It is a great pleasure to cook with SETRA products! Even if we are talking about a simple dish, such as SETRA chicken pâté on fresh crusty bread.

Serve your guests, friends and family. Treat yourself. Eat delicious food with pleasure and on your terms.

Why all this hurry? What can take you away from this moment? What can be more important right now than this wonderful food prepared by or for you?

This is the here and now. Taste something real!