5 product lines

are included in SETRA brand:
salt, vinegars, pâtés, canned meat and fish, seafood.

40 product names

are included in SETRA brand.

10 countries

have production facilities for SETRA products.

Traditions & Principles
The SETRA brand was launched on the Russian market in 2003.
It is our strict adherence to our principles that has allowed us to produce truly high-quality and tasty products.

TASTE SOMETHING REAL! – environmental sustainability. 
All products produced under the SETRA brand are grown and extracted in the most environmentally safe regions of the world, which guarantees their safety and premium quality.
We can also express our commitment to green production principles. We are focused on innovations, but we will never incorporate a new technology if it goes against the principle of environmental sustainability.

TASTE SOMETHING REAL! – authenticity.
We manufacture products in a manner that respects the historical and national traditions of the region in which they were extracted or grown.
SETRA sea salt is mined in the salt fields of the Adriatic: the history of salt production in the region goes back 700 years. We produce our salt according to a production process proven over many centuries: this kind of salt can be considered real sea salt.
SETRA vinegars come from Modena, an area in northern Italy which has a long history of producing balsamic and other vinegars.
SETRA meat pâté is produced in Serbia: home to beautiful pastures as a prerequisite for successful cattle breeding.
SETRA seafood and canned fish are produced in Iceland, Denmark and Slovenia, regions with a long tradition of fisheries.

Taste. Culture. Aesthetics.
It is much more difficult to convey the taste of natural products to the consumer than it might seem, but we are glad that we are succeeding!
We are proud to have created a culture of sea salt consumption in Russia. The SETRA brand is a pioneer in the development of this product, and now, more than 10 years later, sea salt is a mainstay in the diet of Russians.
The SETRA brand is changing consumer attitudes towards conservation in general. In Russia, canned food was always perceived as a stock item to save for a rainy day, as canned products contained low-quality ingredients and a large amount of preservatives. But thanks to SETRA, canned products are now perceived by Russian consumers as a tasty, high-quality, convenience food that saves the time and effort of cooking.
We attach great importance to our packaging, ensuring that it is original, attractive and easy to open.

Social responsibility.
We are responsible for the quality of the products we offer to Russian consumers under the SETRA brand. When purchasing any SETRA product, the buyer can be sure that they are buying a product made from high quality ingredients that does not contain coloring agents, flavor enhancers, preservatives or GMOs. We offer our customers only the products that we eat ourselves and give to our children.