Dream team

Each SETRA product is the result of cutting-edge production technologies and the hard work of a large team of creative and dedicated people: technologists, culinary specialists, designers, managers, and many more.

The team synergy at SETRA is exemplary. The opinion of every team member is important to us. Every idea is looked at, and decisions are made in most cases collectively. We often disagree, but specifically through robust discussion we achieve our common goals.

The SETRA team is fully dedicated to the cause, constantly seeking new creative solutions and ways to evolve. Educational training sessions and briefings, participation in conferences, seminars and thematic exhibitions are all an important part of our work through which we keep abreast of current trends.

We keep in close contact with the consumers and promptly react to requests since anyone can come up with an idea for ​​a new product. We invite customers to become part of the SETRA team, not only to try out our products, but also to share their inspiration with others. We hold contests, recipe sessions, culinary master classes, and conduct factory tours.

SETRA. Inspire. Get inspired. Taste something real!

Manufacturing facilities located in more than 10 countries around the world are equipped with cutting-edge equipment and certified for compliance with the international standards governing quality management systems, food safety and environmental management.

The entire production process is carefully monitored and fully transparent which makes us achieve the desired outcome - products that we proudly offer our customers.